My LEGO Network is a new social networking site built especially for children.

It's a safe environment that lets you create and control your own web page. You can collect, build, and trade with virtual items. You mail with your friends, and show off your creativity to the whole wide world!

Hi! Hi! I’m Echo - your first friend in My LEGO Network!

My LEGO Network allows you to create your very own LEGO Web page to show off your creativity to the whole wide world! World! You can either choose to use your page to be strategic by growing special virtual items using challenging blueprints to gain rank or use your page to make music, create sticker compositions and display your LEGO creations – or both! Both!

There’s a lot to do at My LEGO Network so don’t be afraid to watch my videos or your LEGO TV or in the getting started section, or just drop me a “Help!” message in your mailbox.

See you around the Network friend!