Here is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding the My LEGO Network.
Also remember to go to the Getting Started section - here you can see 15 different video tutorials on how My LEGO Network is working.
And finally do remember to check out the Message Boards, where you can find a lot of tips, secrets and hints.

How do I gain votes when I run out?
Your votes (clicks) regrow every twenty-four hours to your maximum clicks per day. Your maximum clicks per day increases with each rank.

How do I get more red LEGO bricks?
Red LEGO Bricks are the first items in your inventory. You will need a lot more Red LEGO Bricks during the different levels. In order to get more Red LEGO Bricks, you can place your LEGO Tree Module on your page. Your LEGO Tree Module will grow 10 red LEGO bricks a day – and if some of your friends clicks on your LEGO Tree Module you will get even more bricks.

Other modules grow even more Red LEGO Bricks per day – for example send F Stop Clikzgerald an apple to get the Gallery Module, Rank 2 Blueprint. This gallery module is more creative it grows a lot more Red LEGO Bricks per day!

Is it difficult to get the Flower Patch Module?
No, not at all, but from now on you have to be prepared for a lot of puzzle solving.
To get the Flower Patch Module, you need to build a Worker Bee (check out next answer to see how) and send the Worker Bee to Flora. She will return the Blueprint for building the Flower Patch Module. Now build the module and put it on your Public Page. From now on you can harvest Red Flowers each day.
Remember that other users can convert a Worker Bee to a Pollinated Bee by clicking on your Flower Patch Module and this will also trigger a Red Flower for you.

How do I get honey pots?
OK – here are just a few hints to help you into the game puzzle solving…if you are asking for the Honey Pots, then you properly already have the Potted Plant Blueprint from Flora by trading 2 Worker Bees with her. If not, you should check out Bee Keeper Bill’s page to get the Worker Bee Blueprint.
This blueprint will cost you 2 Mason Jars. Mason Jars are quite cheap to get at, because you can trade for a Mason Jar Blueprint on Henrietta’s page for just 5 Apples, and now you can go to your inventory and build as many Mason Jars as you need.
OK, now you should get the hang of it and therefore back to the Honey Pots.
You might notice that Bee Keeper Bill loves Potted Plants, so go to your inventory and build a Potted Plant and send it to Bee Keeper Bill. He will mail you right back and give you the Hive Module Blueprint.

This allows you to build Hive Modules that you can put on your own page. They need a Mason Jar and Pollented Bee to run. The longer you wait to harvest your hive modules, the more Honey Pots you’ll get. To get a lot of Honey Pots quickly find a friend that has a Bee Battle Module, Rank 2 or Bee Battle Module, Rank 3 set up on their page. Use a Better Bee or a Best Bee to battle with them. The winner will receive a hefty sum of Honey Pots!

I need the Drone Bee to build the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece?
Yes, you need the Drone Bee to build the Masterpiece for Rank 2. Send a Red Flower to Bartle Bee and he will send you the blueprint for the Bee Battle Module. Then go to your Inventory and build the Bee Battle Module and place it on your Public Page - remember that it costs you a Worker Bee to set it. Now you are in "Battle mode" and you have to wait to somebody battles you - the guest can win Honey Pots, if he wins - but you can win the Drone Bee blueprint. But remember to check out your Bee Battle Module on a regular basis, because you have to set up this module each time a user wins a battle. Now you can build the Drone Bee!

Remember that you can get the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece at Bee Keeper Bill's page for 20 Honey Pots.


I’m stuck! I don’t know how to get what I need to make my next masterpiece – what do I do?
First of all make sure that you are friends with the different Networkers on your level. Then send them a help mail in the “For Networkers” section of your Mailbox – they will most likely help you. You should also check out the Message Boards. Here you can join the conversation or just follow the discussions in the different topics. A new sub forum "MLN Ranking" has just been added. Here you can find all hints, secrets and tips that will help you to continue the game play.