Here is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding the My LEGO Network.
Also remember to go to the Getting Started section - here you can see 15 different video tutorials on how My LEGO Network is working.
And finally do remember to check out the Message Boards, where you can find a lot of tips, secrets and hints.

How do I get access to specific Sticker Backgrounds?
You have access to a lot of cool Sticker Backgrounds from the very start. There is a new tab in your sticker module editor called "Backgrounds". You can drag the backgrounds from left to right in 1 and 2 slot modules and decide yourself what to show on your page.
Some of the backgrounds are locked to certain sticker modules and other backgrounds are locked to certain Stickers. So if you want access to specific sticker backgrounds, then you have to go and collect various stickers arounds the Network (shoppe or mail Networkers).

How do I get more loops and stickers?
Check out the different Networkers’ pages and see if they have interesting something to offer you. You can also try to mail the Networkers on your Friendlist. Some of them have some cool stickers or sound loops.

Where are all the LEGO Club Page Stickers?
Unfortunately some of the old stickers did not work in the new system, so they were lost in the transition between Club Pages and My LEGO Network. We have also made some new ones for you and will continue to add new stickers from time to time.

How do I upload and get my own creations into Factory Module?
You have two options – either you can take a photo of one of your LEGO creations and upload this to one of the many galleries on (BIONICLE, Creator, etc.) or you can download LEGO Digital Designer and build your very own 3D model and upload this to a gallery.
When you have uploaded your photo or model to a gallery, LEGO needs to approve it, before it gets visible and you can use it in My LEGO Network.
Once you have your model or photo approved, you can go to your Page Builder and choose a Gallery or Factory Module by dragging it to your page. Here you can drag it as you would in the Sticker Module. Hit Save on the Module, Save on the page – and presto!

Be sure to look at the Collection section of your private page to see all the models you’ve uploaded to! If you need any additional help with Galleries be sure to visit the Networker named F Stop Clikzgerald – he’s a Gallery Module master!


Why is my sticker module not visible on my public page?
All sticker modules are being checked and moderated for inappropriate content. If, for instance you write any words or create unsuitable signs with these stickers in your modules, then we will delete the sticker module on your page or maybe even close your account without prior notice.