A My LEGO Page Masterpiece is a special item that you can construct to help you gain a rank. Before you can make a masterpiece, you have to track down its blueprint and collect all the items needed to build it. Blueprints are given by My LEGO Network Characters hidden around the site, but they’ll often want a special item of their own before they’ll help you. As you gain rank, you’ll be able to broaden your network of My LEGO Characters to become more powerful.

To build your first masterpiece, look no further than everybody’s pal: Echo!

  • Crimson Apple

  • Royal Hive Queen

  • Giant's Hat

  • Speedy Motorcycle

  • Jeweled Triceratops

  • Craftsman's Cottage

  • Enchanting Harp

  • Brickota Totem Pole

  • Tower of Many Shields

  • Intergalactic Cruiser